Annalisa was really easy to talk to, my husband and I were really quite nervous to go to couples counseling, not knowing what to expect. But we were so relieved that it was very relaxing, a private setting, and she helped us with great advice. We liked that she didn’t make either of us feel judged or wrong, but taught us how to communicate so we both feel heard. She shared some simple ways that we could reconnect romantically, and at each session, we left feeling better, and more positive about working on our relationship! ~ Darryl & Betsy J.

I was so apprehensive about getting therapy for my depression and anxiety. I really didn’t think seeing someone was going to help, much less -a life coach who wasn’t even going to prescribe meds! But after the first 30 minutes or so, of talking to Annalisa, she made me feel comfortable opening up about my problems, and just seeing her, like, 3 times, I was able to implement the ideas she gave me, and they have made a huge difference in my progress. I am so glad I found her! ~ Anita’s G.

Job hunting really sucks. I took a chance, and did a DISCOVER YOUR CALLING session with Life Coach Annalisa. The results were amazing. We determined that in order for me to feel passionate about my work, I should be choosing a job that fits my personality type and includes my top interests. In addition, we determined my spiritual gifts, and then narrowed down the most supportive and best roles I would thrive in. This session and test results help me find clarity for the ‘type’ jobs, job settings, and work environment I should pursue to feel the most creative, be challenged, but really enjoy going to work each day!! Thanks Annalisa, you rock! ~ Greg S.

Going through a divorce is the worst! I highly recommend Life Coaching to get you through it, especially if cheating is an issue!! Life Coach Annalisa was the best! She never just abruptly stops a session when an hour has passed (and you won’t believe how fast the time goes!) She allowed me to share all my thoughts, ask plenty of questions, and helped me understand the ‘root’ of the problems, and advised how to best move forward and look ahead in a positive way toward change, patience, and best off, I learned better ways to communicate with my partner. She brought up points and perspectives that were helpful for me, and eased my anxiety over everything by sharing great advice through the process of a very bad marriage. I would definitely recomend her!! ~ Karl M.