Anxiety & Depression

EFT is a technique used worldwide by Therapists, and Psychiatrists to help relieve patients of stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. Many guided Youtube videos are available with different instructors to follow, using this technique. This type of holistic approach to problems will either resonate with you, or be something that you don’t feel is quite what you need. Many people, however, experience positive results when they use the EFT, after continually practicing this technique for only one week, up to 6-8 weeks. Many people make it part of their daily routine, along with meditation, and some people use this technique without meditation.

Here are several links to try:

EFT -Tapping for Beginners

EFT guided by Founder, Gary Craig

MEDITATION is a technique that is over a thousand years old, and is utilized by many more people than Buddhist Monks! Meditation has had a traditional reputation in America as being that of an ancient Indian practice, or Middle Eastern Religious practice that is associated with either an occult, or Hinduism, or Buddhism. It has been judged by traditional religions as a religious practice far removed from Christianity, and even some believe it is associated with sorcery and magic. Those with the beliefs and judgements against meditation remain unopen to the fact that it has been scientifically proven as one of theest strong holistic remedies for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. It is a technique that is beneficial in clearing one's thought processes, focusing on breathing only, in an effort to calm one's emotions, reset one's mindset, and realign with Spiritual guidance within one's belief systems. Meditation raises consciousness, raises energy vibrations, raises awareness, and alleviates clouded thinking, providing focus, better attentiveness, and reduced feelings if overwhelm.

Daily meditation is one of the most highly effective ways an individual can reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of overwhelm, fear, or discouragement. Practicing meditation is not an action that goes against any religion, quite the contrary, it disciplines the mind to slow down, reorganizes the mind, and puts thoughts into an order of clarity and purpose that will affect the rest of the day in a focused, more calm way.

Here are some guided meditations for beginners:

Meditation 30 days for beginners; animated guide:

Guided Meditation for beginners

AFFIRMATIONS are statements of positive declarations that are so empowering, so enlightening, and help set thoughts into positive flows of energy vibrations that make us feel empowered! Affirmations are like prayers that we believe in, we expect, and we declare over our lives! Some people do not even realize how much doing this simple activity can literally change their mindset, their perspective, and even their current physical situation. This is a centuries old practice that so few people are even aware of, that when used properly, can literally move mountains. There are two ways to do this (practice this) that I will share with you.

The first way, is the traditional practice of writing these statements down on note cards, and placing them strategically in places you will see everyday, and then reciting these many times a day. The technique works because it is shifting your focus from ‘what is not working, ‘ or ‘what is not happening’ or ‘what is going on that is negative’ in your life, into thoughts and declarations of ‘what you want’, ‘what you prefer’, and ‘what you desire’. You are literally resetting your brain's default system which goes to the negative thought all the time. You are retraining your mind to focus on what you want rather than what isn’t!!

It is the power of desiring, believing, and intending the expectation, along with feeling the emotional state that this occurance would create (as if, it already IS) then holding this feeling and sensing the emotion involved in these thoughts and affirmations that will create and manifest them into reality!

One of the first people to express the power of this technique, is the late, Earl Nightingale. He provides an audio of the excerpt from the Book, The Strangest Secret, an approximately 31 minute recording of this technique of shifting our mindset. At the end of the book and audio, he calls listeners to take an action step which is the technique I coach clients to take regarding affirmations. Take an index card, and write down 5 statements of what you want.

● What are your goals?

● What are your aspirations & dreams?

● What would you most like to see happen this year, or In 5 years?

However, as you write these down, do not write in any tense other than the present. ANY GOAL WRITTEN DOWN, IS A DREAM REALIZED AND BELIEVED TO BE COMING TRUE! IT IS EXPECTED, IT IS A PRAYER! IT IS COMING TRUE FOR YOU! For example:






This recording is very old, but the information is timeless, listen as he speaks on this topic…

The Strangest Secret Audio

PURPOSE is vital to feeling balance, peace, and contentment in life. Many people do not have clarity for their life’s direction. They feel a bit overwhelmed, or a bit lost in figuring out the best decisions regarding their career, their work, or even knowing their calling. I believe everyone has a calling, and when you discover yours, you literally have a new zip in your step. You find yourself newly engrossed in ways to attain this great call to the work. You find yourself ‘wanting’ to learn more, grow more, give more, and be a help in the area of your passion. Your relationships improve because you are more interesting. You have fun and exciting things going on when you working toward making your dreams come true! Whether it’s going back to school, or starting your own business, you are on a path. You have direction. When we are not in this place, we often feel a great hole in our life, we feel a big void of fulfillment! 

When we Discover our Calling, we can then make other decisions about life, that once, used to be difficult. For example, if you know what and where your called to work and serve a need in this world with your gifts and talents, then you are in a much better place to understand where the best place to live is! You are in a much better place to figure out your lifestyle, and your budget based on the financial plan of your dream or new endeavor. Choices are easily made and can be manipulated by following your first priority of the making this new path happen. Even relationships are better, because how would you ever know if someone is the right companion for you if you don’t even know who you are yet? In this day and time, a strong chemistry with someone, a major attraction to them, and having fun with them- is not a recipe for a lifelong commitment or soulmate!! It takes shared values, a respect of your differences, and that special someone to fully and completely support the path you are called to!!

A short version of understanding your calling is to take an inventory of the following, and see if you can ‘connect the dots’. By that I mean, see if you can discover where the best environment,, best tasks, best service or product, best interactions (more or less) with people, and best place is that all of this inventory of yourself can fit. Which jobs or job creation (you can make up your own job!) is best suited that fills all of this inventory for you. For a full DISCOVER YOUR CALLING official analysis, you can have a session to discover this. 

This session is about 2 hours to 2 ½ hours and the cost is $125.

Here's a list of what is covered in this session:

● Personality Type

● Spiritual Gifts

● Hobbies and Interests most prominent

● Expertise (skills already acquired exceptionally)

● Skills you are willing to learn and are interested in

● Areas of strong interest; areas of passion

● Childhood games, activities, and interests that were prominent

● History of jobs, likes and dislikes with tasks in the past

EMOTIONAL HEALTH is a vital part of feeling good, experiencing no stress, and having a peaceful countenance most often. The very best way to gauge your emotional state of being is to refer to the following chart. If you are feeling a certain way, check the chart to see what vibrational state of being you are in. The goal is to strive to operate in the state of LOVE and above, for the best feelings of peace, and contentment. Sometimes, a person who has been suffering from ‘blocks’ of being able to move forward in life, or who knows they have past unresolved trauma still plaguing them emotionally, an EMOTIONAL HEALINGSession is needed. In this session, it feels like talk therapy and releases trapped emotions that keep someone bound, unable to fully recover and move past the pain. Sometimes people don’t even realize it is an old belief they are still operating from, and it causes them to feel frozen, or unable to cope, and don’t know why!! Discovering the ‘root’ belief, and the reason ‘why’ they feel so helps back is the first step in emotional healing and can provide life changing results!

Sometimes, if trauma is not the past history of someone, just referring to this chart, and coming through some personal growth, can be the positive difference in creating new higher vibrations of positive emotions and feelings.

Here's the chart:

It is believed that the TOP emotion (enlightenment) was/is only experienced by very few people consistently; as with Buddha, Jesus, ect...

The level of LOVE and above is only consistently experienced by less than 30% of humans worldwide.

The level of PEACE is consistently felt by Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, ect... It is believed that when the world starts to live in raised consciousness, collectively in about 90% love and above, that we will be Peace on Earth.

The underprivileged, poor, abused, addicts, uneducated and homeless tend to operate emotionally at these lowest vibrations of despair!

Anyone can control their emotions. It is a choice. It is a mindset. Many people do not know how to attain this long lasting feeling of contentment though. The most popular way to combat feelings of lowest vibrational energy is with drugs. This is why the pharmaceutical companies are making millions! They are literally creating millionaires by capitalizing on people's lack of knowledge to control their thoughts and emotions!!

Managing your energy vibrations comes from managing your emotions, not your circumstances!

The best way to manage emotions is to reset your default system. Here are the ways in a list format:

  1. Understanding      & Forgiving, yourself and others.

  2. Loving      yourself.

  3. Knowing      your passionate Purpose! (Discovering your Calling)

  4. Daily      meditation or EFT

  5. Prayer

  6. Gratitude

  7. Letting Go      of the past.

  8. Don’t      assume.

  9. Don't take      things personally.

  10. Always      doing your best

  11. Honoring      your Word.

  12. Disciplining      your thoughts.

  13. Reciting      your Affirmations multiple times a day.

  14. Believing      in your potential!


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