Victoria Wallis

Joining us soon!

Life-Strategist, Conflict Resolution Coach, Emotional/Energy Specialist

Dawn Wallis

Business & Marketing Specialist, Career Coaching, Business Growth Coach, Women's issues Coach, Inspirational Speaker

Esther George

Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Vision Coach, Workshop Leader

Ben Lawler

Master of Mental Toughness

Levi Dworcan

Life & Relationship Coach, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Mental Health Coach Transformation Specialist

Karen Bass

Joining us soon!

Life & Relationship Coach, Parenting Specialist

Tony Degliomini

Life Transitional Coach, Motivational & Inspiration Speaker, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's 2019 "BELIEVE Award " Recipient, Author of the book #Believe 

Angie Lee Radford

Overflow Coach, Author, Heart First Adventurer

John Martinez

Bilingual, M.Ed, BSN, RN, Performance-Life

Sara Chang

Certified Integral Coach, Personal Development and Embodiment Specialist

John Murphy

LCP, Certified Professional Life Coach

Kelly Gorzalski

Joining us soon!

Certified Life Coach, Family/Parenting Strategist, Family Communications Specialist

Directory of Coaches

Annalisa O'Toole

Life Coach, Relationship Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Emotional Healing Therapist; Founder/President

Cecil Cox

Dream Builder Career Coach, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Self-Development Coach, Mindset-Reset Coach 

Cynthia Clark

Soulmate Palmist, Compatibility Expert and Love Coach. Relationship Coaching, Self Development Coaching, Mindset-Reset Coach, and Career Coach.

Sunshine Lindsay

Certified Health Practitioner, Energy Healer, Health & Wellness Coach, Mindset-Reset Coach

Megan Millinger

 Joyful Living Coach, Intuitive Guide, Holistic Wellness Coach