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Annalisa O'Toole focuses on Emotional Healing Therapy. This therapy is an advanced healing technique known as SRTT. (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Therapy) This technique is used for individuals who can not seem to overcome a reoccurring ailment holding them back from becoming their best. It could be as minor as procrastination, or as severe as addiction. Individual personal growth and self-confidence can be achieved when someone spends time looking within, and evaluating the changes they should make, then starting on a plan toward positive changes, including an accountability partner.

Life Coach Annalisa O’Toole is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, The Georgia Christian Counselors Association, and the National Association of Professional Certified Life Coaching. Her studies led her to achieve an Advanced certification in Emotional Healing therapies, known as the SRTT Therapy, as an Emotional Healing Therapist, and also practices Energy healing with the Emotion Code Energy healing technique.

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Reshape Your Life

Our experienced and trained staff is available at any time to ensure That you get the help and assistance you need in order to move forward with your life. We have experts in all areas of your life's well being and we are able to provide discreet assistance as needed. Our only goal is to get you the help you need in order to live the life you dream of.

Marriage Couseling
Marriage Couseling


We help you develop those lofty ideas into concrete goals and do everything that we can to help you achieve them. With thirteen years of experience, you will find that no matter how crazy something seems our team will show you that anything is possible.

Marriage Couseling


Mending a broken heart or broken trust is not easy but with me and my team, you will find a way to love again. No matter how bad the situation seems if you are willing to work on it then we will find a way to make it possible.


Me and my team work to make sure that you feel great each day that you wake up you feel happy and fulfilled. You know what you need to do and have a plan for how to do it. Keeping you constantly moving forward into the life that you would like to lead.

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Marriage Couseling
Marriage Couseling
Marriage Couseling




We make sure that your privacy is respected and that you will find a comfortable and safe space to share you dreams, problems, and goals and have them addressed calmly and professionally so that you can move forward with them.


We customize our services to meet the specific needs of our clients to ensure they get the specific service that they need and are uniquely formatted to each person in order for them to achieve the maximum results.

Marriage Couseling
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Why should I get coaching online?


Coaching online works really well because firstly you can get coaching as often and whenever you may need it. Next booking a scheduled coaching call is not necessary for everyone. This is generally best for people who are really busy or travel very frequently for its ease of use. Also it is possible to work completely independently or you can work with a friend, and ask one of our coaches any questions you have. This allows you to have complete control of the degree to which you want to share your progress. Lastly, you save a ton of money from being able to talk with our couches from the comfort of your own home!


How is a life coach different from counseling, therapy, or advice from a friend?


Let's start with consulting. Firstly, coaching is generally considered to be a form of consulting. However, consulting is more informational and experienced based. You would hire a consultant to help plan out a business or construction project. You would then expect the consultant to be knowledgeable and experienced with the particular project or venture you are planning. As a life coach, may or may not have a background or experience in your particular field however, a life coach is a life specialist or an expert on helping you develop all areas of your business or personal life. Unlike most consultants, whose purpose is to propose a plan of action then leave you to implement it, a life coach stays there throughout the journey to help you create the changes, new skills, habits, and goals to make sure they really happen for you.This is why life coaching is so effective because it is one thing to have the information and a plan but it is quite another to actually implement the change.


Next is therapy. To clarify, unlike consulting, life coaching is not a type of therapy. A life coach should not work on past issues or traumas. Most life coaches are not psychologists or psychotherapists and are not qualified to work on severe mental issues. If you start life coaching, and have medical mental issues from the past, then it is highly likely you will be referred to work with a licenced professional to resolve those issues first. It is common for traumas or addictions to prevent us from getting to what we want to be in our lives. However, life coaches focus on the present and the client’s current goals for the future. We help people get out of that rut and move forward to set personal and professional aspirations that will give them the life and career that they really want. Most clients are healthy, people who just want a bit of a push cause they feel that they might be a bit stuck or want the motivation to make a big change in their lives. We provide the support of a coach so that they can do so.


Finally, there is the best friend. A friend or two or three is wonderful and important to have. However, is your best friend an aspiration professional who will hold you accountable in the most important aspects of your professional life and/or business? Our friends can not always tell us the truth, even as much as they would like to, because they don’t want to risk souring the friendship. In this case even if they know that you are wrong and in some cases it can be more harmful than good. A good life coach will never be afraid to tell you the truth and is willing to be fired for it at all times. This honesty is what helps you move past what is holding you back so that you can reach your goals. 


Is there a chance of a dependency forming between the coach and client?


This is not possible. The client may require the life coach so that they can maximize opportunities or accelerate their personal growth, yet not be dependent on the life coach. Any person who has large goals can benefit from the structure, advice, and support of a licensed life coach so a life coach may be needed in a sense. But, as far as developing emotional or psychological dependency for the life coach, there is nothing to worry about. Life coaches work with healthy people who are driven on their own. A life coach does not resolve any medical mental issues. 


How can an outsider of my relationship really help me?


Couples who have been together for a while have a tendency to begin to operate in certain patterns. A neutral third party can provide a perspective that can help you understand what is really happening in your relationship. In some cases, one in the couple, feels that their voice is not being heard. While in some, one partner may feel put down. After simply observing them talk for a few minutes, an outsider can view certain patterns that become obvious. For instance men have a tendency to not look people in the eyes, by simply suggesting to one couple that the husband look the woman in the eyes when she spoke to him gave instant results. The woman said she finally felt as if he was listening to her. In relationships, one tiny change can make a huge difference.


Are we not right for eachother since we can’t solve this on our own?


Relationships are wonderful, very emotional and complicated. Many times couples cause each other to react emotionally and not in their usual logical and rational way. The normal thought process tends to go right out of the window. Most times, all it takes is a neutral third party to help a couple see their relationship for what it is. Putting in a different, less emotionally charged light and then they can begin to work on the real issues together.


Should we just break up instead and start fresh with new partners, and things will be different next time?


This is something that actually happens very rarely. Most often, people bring the same habits and patterns into the new relationship from the old one.Thus this begins the same vicious cycle all over again. It is the most important thing in couples counseling to learn about yourself. This means that even if the worst does happen and a split is needed with your current partner.Both sides will be far better equipped to enter into the next relationship.