Tony Degliomini


“Perhaps there is no greater gift than context. In a world of quantity and complexity, Tony’s self-awareness and passion break the mold of the type with an eye to the magnificent. His fearlessness in asking the tough questions, his compassion, genuine curiosity, and earnest empathy set the tone for productive and insightful coaching conversations. He has a gift for contextualizing the trivial and is strategic to the point of a visionary in the deconstruction of personal barriers. I truly believe that anyone, of any experience or education, would benefit greatly from Tony’s wise words. His impact on my life and perspective have been profound in a way that goes beyond inspiration and settles comfortably and happily into peace and understanding.”


"Tony is a plethora of inspiration. He is the epitome of positive thinking and leads by example showing his mentees ways to become more self-aware and to love life immensely no matter what it may throw their way. I am beyond grateful to know this man, and for him to be my life coach? Speechless and eternally humbled. Thank you Tony for being the amazing, lovely, loving human being that you are. You are needed so much in this world. People like you make living the joy that it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you."

Angie Lee Radford


"AngieLee, anyone that has come in contact with you cannot help but be enlivened by your spirit and happiness. Through thick and thin your attitude and caring shine through in everything you do. For someone so young you have a sense of compassion coupled with knowledge about just what to say to someone in a trying situation. You’ve helped me through several different life challenges from death in the family, to career advice, to love, divorce, and finding the energy and spirit to Move On. I definitely recommend you to someone in situations that I’ve been in. Thanks so much for being who you are and caring about Others." - Steve S. - Charleston SC

"Angie is one of the most dedicated people I know, and her smile and radiant energy are contagious. Angie is a heart-centered leader.  From mission trips to Africa to her Better Me tribe, Angie always leads with pure, authentic love."- Elizabeth M. Buffalo NY

"AngieLee brightens the world by lighting others’ lanterns. She wants to help people.  She is helping me and so many others.  Not only do we deserve and are worthy of love and respect, but we also earn more of it every day. She has a wonderful sense of humor.  It’s playful and fun. She teaches about giving love and receiving love. I am now willingly and joyfully giving and receiving love. She teaches that our thoughts, voices, and actions have power.  You feel the power of the good she brings out in you. Like a warm embrace from behind; she is supporting us, she has our backs. She is warm, holds us close, reassuring us of the path ahead we are meant to be on.  Thank you, thank you so much for doing what you do, I can hardly put it into words the difference you have made in my life. In my marriage, in my family." - Monti- Utah


"I think AngieLee is intelligent beyond the understanding of most around her.  I think she has the most beautiful caring eyes I’ve ever seen and that’s not a lie. I think she has the most beautiful, most helpful soul of anyone I’ve ever met. I think I love talking to her... I think I love the things she says to help me when life is throwing me a curveball...  I love everything she says to others too.  I love her warming smile when she speaks to us and I can feel the meaning and love behind her eyes. I think I cried a little at the end, as it was over because she is one of those special opportunities life gives you and you never want to let it go."

"She is beautiful, not just her outside but her inside, she is everything she stands for. Every single glow that she has to her beautiful self that she never keeps to herself- instead she unselfishly unleashes it all upon the world and she changes lives and she helps you create dreams and she is just so f’ing special And what I think is learning to... Just be you. Because the world can’t get enough of the light she shines upon it."  - Jamie, FL

"Angie showed me how to be my best, whenever I can! She wants to take less credit than she deserves. Point blank, I would have died if I didn’t reach out to her. She saved my life whether she wants to take credit or not. SHE did. You have no idea how much credit you deserve Angie. You are even listed for my therapist as my reason. Even him for 2 years couldn’t do what you did in our long conversation. He went to school for 12 years. You deserve credit for being exactly who you are. And seeing the true me that I could not see and bringing it out for me. Thank you!" - J. Swarm

"AngieLee is smart and beautiful. She’s a bright light even when everything is dark around us. She doesn’t give up. She just wants the world to smile with her. And that’s admirable. She’s a rarity. Unique and wonderful in this world of billions of the same. I’m truly honored to have her in my life even in the slightest bit. Even if I give her an attitude or run away sometimes, I always come back to her because she’s an amazing anchor to me and many others. I continue with her because when you’re given a gift in life it’s best to appreciate it." - James S. St. Augustine, FL