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….Hello, Welcome, and thank you for your interest!    I  began ‘Inspired Life Coaching Inc.’  In 2007,  as a

Professional Certified Life Coach, specializing in:

Relationship Coaching ~ Premarital  &  Marriage Coaching,

Emotional Healing Therapy, Personal Development & Career Coaching. I belong to the American Association of Professional Life Coaches and Counselors. Having completed a Professional Certification in Life Coaching, and a Certification in Emotional Healing Therapy I am passionate about helping in the following area’s..

  • career coaching
  • emotional healing
  • relationship issues
  • conflict resolution
  • infidelity
  • trust issues
  • growing apart
  • communication problems
  • blended family/step family issues
  • financial hardships
  • personal achievement
  • premarital coaching
  • divorce coaching
  • dating and relationship coaching
  • emotional disconnection from your partner
  • feeling misunderstood
  • arguing more than you agree; losing your friendship
  • passion is gone
  • addiction is present with one person
  • depression, anxiety, or both
  • anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy
  • selfishness, ego-driven nature, lacking in nurturing partner to fulfill their needs
  • unsure of life direction, feeling unfulfilled, uncertain of career path

Life Coaching can help Married Couples regain their emotional connection, and reunite on an intimate level and rekindle their passion as well as learn how to talk without arguing; and learn how understand each other’s deepest needs.

I coach Single and Dating clients to coach the do’s and don’t for online dating, as well teaching the secrets for finding and keeping the ideal mate! I share the formula for attracting your soul mate as well as successful dating tips! The ins and outs of dating have changed over the years and my testimonies are proof that there is hope for positive experiences out there! So if dating advice is what your looking for, you have found the right coach!

Have you ever had a Discover Your Calling Session? Feeling passionate about life and purpose basically comes down to 3 things things: having someone to love, something to look forward to, and something to do everyday that gets us out of bed, moving our soul with excitement toward serving someone else with a need!

Are you serving a need in the world in your area of unique gifts and talents that you’re passionate about?  I specialize in helping people live their calling. I offer a session that will determine an individual’s unique capabilities, traits, and evaluates your best environment, the best suited career choices based on personality, spiritual gifts, skills, interests, and passions! This session focuses on inner strengths, likes, dislikes, hobbies, creativeness, intuitiveness, talent, learned skills, preferred surroundings, past pleasures about jobs and experiences, past unpleasant surroundings in the work place, people skills, lack of skills, and more to determine the best suited work which would create not only the environment best suited, but the task description and the duties involved in day to day, that would create you to thrive in what you do! This is a session HIGHLY recommended for those having absolutely NO CLUE as to what they want o be when they grow up, even if they are grown up!!!

I am certified in Emotional Healing Therapy. This healing technique is SRTT. (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Therapy) developed by Patrick Wanis, PhD. This is for individuals who can not overcome an ailment holding them back from becoming their best. It could be as minor as procrastination, or as severe as addiction. Individual personal growth and self confidence can be achieved when someone spends time looking within, and evaluating the changes they should make, then beginning on a path toward positive changes, and having an accountability partner.

I am member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, The Georgia Christian Counselors Association, and the National Association of Professional Certified Life Coaching. My studies led me to achieve an Advanced certification in Emotional Healing therapies, known as the SRTT Therapy, as an Emotional Healing Therapist.  Energy Healing is also offered using the Emotion Code Energy healing technique.

Life Coach Annalisa can be reached for a free consultation at 678-431-6528. She has two locations: Buford & Young Harris, GA

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