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Life & Relationship Coach
Annalisa O’Toole

…. began ‘Inspired Life Coaching Inc.’ In 2007 in Loganville, Ga.  With a background in Chrisitan Counseling, and as a Professional Certified Life Coach and a Certified Emotional Healing Therapist, & Inspirational Speaker, she started a second office in Atlanta, Ga. in 2010,  and added a third location in 2017 in Young Harris, Ga. She soon realized it was limiting her sphere of influence by only being available in several cities, so to reach even more clientele, she closed her traditional person-to-person coaching and now serves, along with a large team of coaches nationwide, online appointments to help those seeking guidance for self-development, emotional healing, relationship coaching, and more. askannalisa.com specializes in Life Coaching for #Dating #PremaritalCoaching #MarriageCounseling  #FamilyCoaching  #Depression  #Anxiety  #CareerCoaching #EmotionalHealing #Therapy #HealthCoaching  

She has extensive experience in the areas of…

  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem Solving; Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Infidelity
  • Building Trust in relationships
  • Discovering Life direction
  • Acquiring Peace & Balance
  • Effective Communication in relationships
  • Blended family/stepfamily issues
  • Financial hardships
  • Personal achievement
  • Premarital coaching
  • Divorce coaching
  • Dating and relationship coaching             Before a ‘relationship’ can flourish, ‘individuals’ must be the best version of themselves. Life Coaching has many areas that can guide someone who may be struggling in relationships to get the results they most desire.

Self-development coaching is a great way to learn ways to move forward with positive goals, and get positive results!

Discovering your calling is a great session to guide those looking to enhance or discover the best career path! o

Overcoming depression and anxiety, or achieving emotional healing are excellent breakthroughs for those wanting to shed the blocks in life that hold them back!

Learning to love yourself and becoming confident through personal development coaching can really advance individuals in their relationships, friendships, career, and families!

Reach out and create a personal plan of life coaching sessions, you will not be disappointed. If you want to attract great opportunities and great friends, as well as the perfect companion, you certainly can’t expect to attract someone or something that you are not ready for; you want to prepare to be your very best first! MAKE this upcoming year~ YOUR BEST YEAR YET! Make an appointment today!

For relationship problems and troubled marriages,  learning the root of the problem is key! Couples coaching in dating, premarriage, and marriage can guide relationships towards stronger emotional connections, quality communication, and learning one another’s personality type and love language for regaining lost intimacy. Coaching couples toward rekindling their passion and learning how to talk without arguing, are skills that promote keeping love forever!  Couples also learn how to understand each other’s deepest needs and how to meet those for one another continually, so they feel fulfilled -rather than feel a void with their partner.

Ask Annalisa’s staff  coaches  Single and dating clients. They can share the formula for attracting your soul mate as well as ideal dating tips! The do’s and don’s of dating has changed over the years and her testimonies are proof that there is hope for positive experiences out there! So if dating advice is what you’re looking for, you have found the right team of coaches!

Have you ever had a Discover your calling session? In order to feel passionate about life and purpose, it basically comes down to 3 things: having someone to love, something to look forward to, and something to do every day that gets us out of bed and adds excitement to our soul!

Are you serving a need in the world in your area of unique gifts and talents that you’re passionate about?  Coach Annalisa and her team specialize in helping people discover and live their calling. Our coaches offer sessions that will determine an individual’s unique capabilities, traits, and evaluates the best environment, the best-suited career choices based on personality, spiritual gifts, skills, interests, and passions!

Ask Annalisa  staffs certified Professional…Emotional Healing Therapists. This therapy is used by some of our trained coaches and is advanced in healing techniques. These techniques are used for individuals who can not seem to overcome a reoccurring ailment holding them back from becoming their best. It could be as minor as procrastination, or as severe as addiction, or extreme PTSD, or childhood trauma. Individual personal growth and self-confidence can be achieved when someone spends time looking within, and evaluating the changes they should make, then starting on a plan toward positive changes, including an accountability partner.

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